Know How to Merge PDF Files in The Simplest Way


Merging PDF files with Adobe Reader makes you wish you had a Mac. As it allows easy merging. But what is not easy is the struggle to earn the amount of money required to buy a Mac. Windows however, and especially Windows 10 lets you view these files but won’t allow any kind of changes. So as a result you will have to dig up other ways or buy and use third party apps to do the trick.

Software nowadays, allow you to use their basic features without any charge, but if you want to take the game ahead, then it is about a couple of dollars to spend.

Simple Merging of PDF Files

It doesn’t matter if you are not a regular user of PDF or if you use PDF editing and merging all the time, you can download and install any pdf merger software to merge PDF files free. Most of them are free and some are shareware, which will allow you to use basic features or in some cases, all the features.

How to Use?

  1. After installing a typical PDF merger software, you will be introduced to an interface, quite impressionable, which will allow you to choose amongst many functions, like merging and splitting PDF files along with a very good option which combines two PDF documents.
  2. What it does is, that it creates a single PDF from a number of different PDFs which consists of both front and back pages of the original document, by flip-flopping pages from one file with pages from the other.
  3. But on the same hand, the interface won’t be an easy thing for a newbie, it will take a bit of time exploring and getting familiar with the software.
  4. To merge PDF files free, you need to drag the files to the PDF merger software. You will have to open the PDF file separately on either Adobe Reader or Microsoft Edge to view the pages you want to get done from each PDF document.
  5. The good thing is that the software allows you to open the PDF files directly from the list, which consists of the PDF files that you had initially dragged to be merged.
  6. When the files have been dragged and you are ready to give it a go, just click on the Run button and you will get a merged PDF document.

Merging PDF by Using Adobe Reader

You can easily merge PDF using the popular Adobe readers. However, there is one catch. The PDF merging feature is only available in paid version.

If you have paid version, go to tool > combine files. Then select files to merge, and it’s done.

If you want to know how to combine pdf files for free, follow the method explained above. There are many PDF mergers available in the market. Go for the ones that are popular or have better reviews. That way, your PDF files will be safe from any damage.


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