Best Tips On Buying Used Snowboards


Skiing is fun but that doesn’t mean you have to spend too much on buying some good quality ski gear. If you to look for something that is light on your pocket, you must consider buying used snowboards. However, before you buy used snowboards, you must make sure that they are perfectly fine and meet your requirements. Following are some things which you should look out before buying second-hand snowboards:

  1. Core Damage

If a used snowboard gear for sale has a damaged core, it will most likely get weak and shaky when you start skiing on it. Finding a damaged core is a bit difficult so you have to be cleverer while you’re inspecting the equipment. Just put the snowboard in light and look for any cracks or lumps on the base or on the exterior bindings of the nose and tail.

  1. Damaged Sidewalls

Big impacts on the snowboard can cause the sidewalls to crack or get damaged. To look for damaged sidewalls you must make sure there are no vertical racks on the sidewall. If the sidewalls are cracked or damaged, it is very difficult to repair them.

  1. Base Separating

If the base of the snowboard is a die-cast one, it will be connected to other pieces to form one unit. After rigorous use, the die cut base may start separating and coming up because of the impacts. If there are any pieces coming out, they can be fixed using clamps or epoxy. However, if they are ignored, the other connected pieces will also come out soon.

  1. Sidewalls Separating

If there is a space between the base and the sidewalls, it means that it has started to separate. Make sure there is no gap between the sidewalls and the top sheet because this can cause damage to the whole board.

  1. Cracked Edges

If you’re going to buy used snowboards, make sure that you inspect its edges properly. You can place your finger on the edges and feel if there is something protruding or is not even. If you can only see the cracks and not feel them, there isn’t a serious problem but you can use this as a point to ask for a bargain from the seller.

How to Choose the Right Snowboard?

If you want to get the right snowboard according to your requirements, it is really important to consider your weight, height, riding style, ability, and feet size.

If you want a stable ride, go for the freestyle snowboards that are short and wide and can make you ride comfortably.

If you’re interested in performing tricks on the snowboard, go for a twin-tip design which will help you ride smoothly forward and backward.

Freeride boards have different back and end designs and they are actually directional boards. These boards are good to be used for halfpipe and snow parks because they are all-mountain boards. If you want to enjoy speedy rides, race boards are a good idea as they are designed to thin and long for a smooth and speedy ride.

Consider having a look at the following video regarding quick tips to choose the right snowboards for you.


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