Difference Between Virgin, Raw, Remy and Non-Remy Hair

Use of hair extensions is a growing trend as it adds some additional volume to hair and allows to style them in a different way. Fashionable and trendy women always prefer to look different and trendy but usually get stuck while choosing the right type of hair extensions for them. Here are some basic differences between them.


Hair extensions are a widely ongoing trend these days which was initially used by celebrities to create different looks and hairstyles and cuts as their job demands. But now it is preferred by many women around the world. It is an easy and hassle-free way to make your hair look fuller, to create volume in your hair or to create a different look for a special event or party. With so many options available, it is hard to decide which type is good for you, so a detailed description is given below.

Raw Hair


The literal meaning of raw is unprocessed and in its original form. Raw hair is 100% authentic human hair which is collected from a singer donor and is not steam processed and chemically processed such as bleached, colored, dyed, permed or chemically straightened. It is pure and natural.

Raw hair is the best quality hair extensions available as it will blend in your hair due to its natural appearance and texture. All the cuticles in raw hair are aligned and are in the same direction. This quality makes it tangle free and easy to handle along with giving a silky feel and shine to your hair. Another aspect of raw hair is that no two raw hair bundles will be the same as it comes from single donors and each hair bundle will be unique.

Raw hair will blend in your hair naturally and you can treat it like normal hair using your daily hair care products. It comes in straight, curly and wavy hair extensions.

Virgin Hair


Generally, people confuse raw hair with virgin hair and think that it is the same, but it is not. Virgin hair is also natural and authentic hair which comes from a single donor and is not chemically processed such as bleached, colored, dyed or permed.

The hair is tied in a ponytail and cut this way and preserved which makes all the cuticles aligned and in the same direction giving more naturally healthy and fuller hair.

The difference between virgin hair and raw hair is that virgin hair steam processed to create different styles and textures such as loose waves, deep waves, tight curls, and others whereas raw hair is available in the natural hair form. You can search for different companies and order virgin hair form authentic ones.

Remy Hair


Remy hair is also virgin hair collected from a single donor, the difference being that the donor of Remy’s hair used to dye, bleach, and color or perm her hair which means Remy hair is chemically processed.

The hair collected has all cuticles aligned and mostly in the same direction which makes it tangle free. Some Remy hair also goes through a chemical process where a silicone coat is given to the hair to give it a luxurious shine and appearance. Remy hair is the most widely available form of hair extensions due to price and quality and can last you a year.

Non-Remy Hair


Non-Remy hair is widely available because it is cheap but it is not of a good quality. Non-Remy means hair that is collected from salon floors, from hair brushes and random suppliers and then is aligned together.

The tips and the cuticles will all be in different directions. The collected hair then goes through a series of chemical processes which will give it a shine initially but after a few washes or use, hair will look brittle, dull, damaged and cannot be used after a few washes.

For a natural look, you should order Luffy hair wigs or raw hair as it will last you a long time. It is better if you order virgin hair because there are many different textures to choose from.


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