8 Actionable Ways to Keep Our Planet Clean

The planet is getting more and more polluted in every minute or even every second. Keeping the planet clean can reduce pollution to a large extent. Here are the most effective 8 actionable ways that can help us to keep our planet clean.


The biggest problem that we are facing, is saving Earth from the mess we, ourselves have created. We have created so much surplus and waste and occupied huge landfill with that junk. By the time we realized what we have done, the problem has gotten out of hand. So, what can we do as individuals to help this matter and keep our beloved earth clean? Because if there is no earth there is no us. Here are some steps that can be taken to help clean the earth.

1. Take Your Own Bag for Shopping


Grocery shopping needs bagsā€¦ so use them rather than using the plastic bags to carry the items home. Take your own bag. Easiest solution ever. Get cloth bags or such and reuse them every time, they are strong, easy to carry and washable as well. So, there is no waste in terms of plastic bags. It is also one of the most suggested things by trash removal Austin companies.

2. Reusable Water Bottles



Buy your own bottle to have water. Carry it everywhere. This will reduce the plastic water bottle waste and it’s very hygienic as well. There are such cool options for water bottles, sporty and sturdy, the kind that stays cool for 24 hours max.

3. Use Proper Cutlery During Parties

When going out on a picnic or having a party at home, use proper cutlery instead of paper or plastic ones. This is will help eliminate the disposable cup and plate waste, which can be a huge step.

4. Say NO to One-Time Use Stuff

Things like straws and plastic cups are never used again. They are used and thrown in the bin because they are cheap and you can always have another. But all this trash takes 100s of years to destroy from the environment, and even then, their effect lingers. Many junk trash removal Austin services recommend using glass straws and glass cups because glass can be recycled very easily.

5. Go for Natural Stuff When It Comes to Your Facial Care

Avoid using products that have microbeads, instead, go of products that have salt or sugar in it. Specially scrubs, make sure you read the ingredients when buying scrubs.

6. Composting

Composting is another great way to reduce waste. People who love gardening can start composting to end their own waste rather than throwing them out. Composting will keep food scraps and yard material from ending up in landfills. This is a great way to reduce waste.

7. Fewer Engines, Less Pollution

Carpooling, walking and riding your bike to work can help reduce the gases in the air. This will help clean the environment and reduce calories as well. If one car stays off the road for 2 weeks it can reduce gas discharge to 1,590 pounds (721 kilograms) in a year.

8. Recycling


Recycling is the most talked about ways to clean the earth. Recycling can also earn you tons of money. Get on the internet, learn ways to recycle and start doing it in your home. Teach others as well. The more people you add in the faster this will take over.

Does your part in cleaning the earth and raise awareness as well?


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