Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Subject/Verb Agreement

People make serious mistakes and blunders while writing anything. One of these mistakes is the poor subject and verb agreement. Like when the subject is singular or plural, writers are unable to fit the right verb. This is one of the most common and obvious mistakes which the readers can detect easily.

2. Using Long Sentences

Everyone has a different writing style. Some people prefer short sentences while others don’t mind the sentence length. However, for correct and standard writing style, short sentences are recommended. They are error free, easy to comprehend and readers also feel comfortable in understanding what they are reading.

3. Incorrect Use of Commas

Commas are considered a part of punctuations. It is the most important thing to know where you have to use single comma, double commas and where to start and where to end. Even many are also confused about the right place of double commas. That should be learned and practiced in order to avoid this mistake.

4. Overuse of Quotations

Quotes and sayings endorse anything a writer is saying. Some quality quotes and proverbs can make your work look impressive. It also gains quality with quotations. But stuffing your paragraphs with too many quotes is a bad choice which also irritates the readers. Rely less on the quotes and prefer your own work rather.

5. Dead Adjectives and Verbs

It has been observed the new writers make a mistake when they choose the adjectives and verbs. Adjectives and verbs should not be ordinary but powerful, dispassionate and convincing. You cannot rely on GOOD and DO only. There are a lot of other options that can make your writing better.

6. Incorrect Capitalization

Some people also have issues when it comes to capitalization. The proper nouns, names of anything, person, place or companies are usually capitalized to show their prominence. But here the writers commit blunders when they forget to capitalize words. You can search PDF files for that by using a search tool. If you can’t, you have to scan through the whole PDF or Word document.

7. Long Introductions

The introduction is an important part of any written work. It should be concise, comprehensive, well thought out and not too long. What people do is to extend their introduction which loses the charm and makes the readers feel bored. It should just convey the message on your behalf. Again, you can search text in PDF for long introductions. There are tools to edit, split, join, watermark, and search PDF files, which may come handy in this case.

8. Weak Arguments

Arguments are always needed in written work. People come up with lame arguments which do not fill the required gap and make the work seem dull. Writers are not even able to prove their points or claims they make.

9. Using Passive Voice

Writing style has various options. But good and effective writing should not just rely on tough diction, long sentences and passive voice. Rather, use active sentences because they are original and convey the message in better ways.

10. Too Many Words

Using too many words, which is called redundancy, is a poor technique. Many writers just want to stuff words without introducing new ideas. This should be avoided if you want to engage the readers and keep them hooked to your work.


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