Suggestions For Customers: Troubleshoot Common ATM Issues


Nowadays, it seems like everyone has access to an ATM. They provide easy access to money and banking operations. Nonetheless, problems might arise from time to time, as is the case with every technological device. 

Knowing the most typical ATM problems and how to fix them is crucial. Don’t freak out if problems arise; instead, use the advice in this piece. Keep your well-being a top priority, and if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to call your bank. 

This article will discuss some of the most often reported problems with ATMs and provide advice on how to fix them. Well, let’s proceed before you look for an ATM payment processing.

Card Not Working

A malfunctioning card is a regular complaint from ATM users. It’s quite annoying when this happens, but there are a few potential causes. Make sure you’re inserting the card the right way around as a first step. The chip may be placed either facing up or down, depending on the ATM. If you are unclear, please refer to the ATM’s manual.

Your card may be temporarily disabled due to suspicious behavior. This might be the result of just making a new purchase with your card, or it could be the result of criminal conduct. Contact your bank immediately if you have any reason to believe this is the case.

Cash Not Dispensed

The failure of an ATM to dispense cash is another frequent complaint. Particularly if you’re in urgent need of the money, this may be an irritating situation. If this occurs, you should immediately verify that there is adequate money in your account.

The next step, if you have enough money, is to check the cash machine. The dispensing machine might be empty or broken. You should notify your bank right away if this happens to you. They can figure out whether the ATM requires servicing after investigating the issue.

If the cash machine isn’t dry, the machine can be broken. A stuck dispenser is not something you should attempt to repair yourself. Don’t try to fix it yourself; contact the ATM’s owner or your bank instead. They may have a technician come out and repair the issue so you can get your money out.

Transaction Cancelled

It’s annoying when an ATM withdrawal is reversed, particularly if you need the money quickly. There are, however, a few explanations for why this may occur. One of the most frequent causes is a lack of reliable network connections. 

The transaction will be canceled if the ATM is unable to establish a connection with the bank’s network and the ATM payment processing is invalid. This is often a short-lived problem; please try again in a few minutes.

If this happens, you’ll need to use a different ATM. Verify your account balance to see whether the transaction went through. Contact your bank immediately if the money has been taken out of your account but you haven’t received the cash.

ATM Machine Out of Service

It’s not unusual to discover that an ATM is down. This might be because of regular maintenance or an unforeseen problem. If the ATM is not working, you should try using another machine. You shouldn’t use an unresponsive ATM because you risk having your card stolen or stuck within the machine.

If an independent ATM you are using is malfunctioning, you should either use another ATM or go to your bank during regular business hours. If you are in a physical bank location and the ATM it is broken, you may ask a teller for help. They might either handle your transaction manually or suggest another ATM.


Problems with an ATM may be annoying, but they’re often straightforward to fix. Being familiar with typical ATM problems and their solutions is crucial. 

Don’t freak out if problems arise; instead, follow the advice in this piece. Keep your well-being a top priority, and if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to call your bank. 

If you follow the advice we’ve given here, you won’t have as much trouble as those who haven’t encountered the most typical ATM problems. Always remember that you may always ask your bank for help if you have any questions or concerns.