Tips to Make an Exciting & Kid-Friendly Cleaning Chart


If you involve your kids on your routine cleaning tasks, you’ll be able to teach them some precious life skills. These skills will help you get your household chores done. So, you should make a cleaning chart to engage your kids that will also keep them in a track.

Also, they’ll find fun while working with you for a long time. it’s a good kick start to make a handy printable chart of their tasks. But, you’ll get the highest success if you follow some tips regarding this issue without calling a junk removal Austin Austin service.

Even the tips don’t comprise with the need of calling some Austin junk removal companies to help you. you’re all set to do your tasks when you have engaged your kids.

Assign Right Jobs for Your Kids

You know all children don’t come with the same levels of skill according to their age and adaptability. As the parents you know your children what are their capabilities. When you’re able to match a job with their skill, they can do it effortlessly and quickly.

So, while making a cleaning chart for your kids, you have to consider their physical ability with metal maturity plus the levels of their interest. If you go this way, you’re surefire to get success in this issue.

Involve Toddlers

Toddlers, less than five years like to help you in all of your tasks. So, it’s critical to make things exciting and fun for them to keep their interest high. That’s why you can use a cleaning chart with a sticker for kids as they like more with an image reminder of their progress as well. As a result, you need to spend more time on each of them according to their age levels.

But, it’s worth the effort that the value time jointly and the optimistic practice. Now, the question is what jobs are suitable for your toddlers. Simple answer, assign them cleaning their toys and other items that they own. Also, teach them feeding your pets, and gather dirty clothes together.


When your kids are around 4/5 years, they love to work with parents and like to spend some quality time. taking over their assigned tasks are the best of this age group that most kids quickly do. But, it needs a bit of ongoing supervision. The age group of the preschoolers is somewhat mentally advanced compared to the toddlers.

So, they become more motivation by rewards after completing a task. Here also needs a sticker chart that’ll work great for them as it’s easy to help them realize about their rewards. It’ll make them paying off rewards for their hard work.

6 to 8-Year-Olds

Kids of this age group like to work independently. So, don’t forget this matter when you give them any cleaning job. Although kids of school-aged can get lost a bit of their “blind” passion, they do it with the independence quest. That’s why give them some tasks that they like most and keep in mind to give them rewards.


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