How Does Online DICOM Viewer Software Work?

DICOM or .dcm files are a special kind of image file that is being used for medical technology. It is widely used among doctors and medical professionals but it is not accessible through any traditional image viewer software. Here is a brief about how does the online DICOM software work.


We’ll get first what DICOM viewer is and then how it works. In the simple words, the term DICOM short form of “Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.” So, you should keep reading the entire content if you’re a person in the medical sector. DICOM is well-known for medical imaging in the world these days. It’s a way to store as well as send images of medical purposes. We can say in a simple way that DICOM is a format of the image like other formats, for example, JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, MOV etc. But, many users feel difficulties to use DICOM. The reason is that it might not allow opening in the common software. In this case, you can get help from DICOM viewer online software.

How Can You View the DICOM Images?

DICOM format uses to get all metadata that come with the file remains intact. This is the first reason for using the format to transfer and store medical images. Now, the question is that how you can open the .dcm file to see the image and data. You should have a viewer for this type of file or you need to use DICOM viewer online. But, you can’t rename the files after opening them through any free viewer. So, you need a paid version of the software that uses to open these types of files. You also have an easy solution for the issue if you use a Cloud Solution. It’ll allow you to store and open the files anywhere and anytime.

Advantages of DICOM Images

DICOM format uses to get various advantages. The advantages that the common file formats can’t offer you. You’ll get single network transactions so you can transfer both image and patient details. This is the safest way for patient data and images. You’ll get the format with a reliable standard. It means that this is for many devices as it has better compatibility. You also get the opportunity to store some other types of rich data.


Best DICOM Viewer Software

The first thing to keep in mind that all free software for DICOM viewer has not created in equal. So, you’ll find a lot of DICOM viewer online software which is also can be used as MRI viewer online. You also should know one thing that if you use free version you’ll get fewer features to use it with comfort. Well, let’s know about some top-level DICOM viewers below:

3Dim Viewer

It comes with a smooth, minimalist graphical user interface, which is easy to use and learn. This viewer also has the capacity to display 3D images.

DICOM Web Viewer (DWV)

This DICOM viewer is entirely browser-based. It means that you can use this one on most of the devices with most browsers.


It’s one of the most useful with some advanced features and available for the most platforms. You’ll also get more functionality than many DICOM viewers.


DICOM viewer online software is useful to read medical data and images. It prevents losing any data that comes with the files. In simple, you need to choose the best one among the crowd. You can do one thing before buying any paid one that is you can try its free version. This will provide an overview of the entire software.


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