Easy Tips to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Easy Tips to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

When you have finished your holiday candy, you get Christmas light down and start planning for the upcoming New Year. But, you have one item remaining as leftover or on your to-do list. It’s your Christmas tree that you still have to dispose of.

Getting rid of your Christmas tree is not an easy task if you don’t know what the proper ways to do it are and you have no plan to hire an Austin TX trash removal service. You might find it wasteful when you want to discard it out, but you’ll find some different ways to recycle it.

So, you’ll have to go through some systemic ways that will lead the process of successful completion of your Christmas tree disposal. Also, you’ll not need to call some Miami Beach junk removal companies to do it. Well, let’s know the tips to make your Christmas recycling job easier.

Steps to Recycle Christma

Simply follow the below steps when you need to recycle your Christmas tree to accomplish your task.

Recycle at a Center or the Curb

If it’s possible to fit Christmas tree onto the roll cart of green compost, you have a chance to pick it up curbside. But, if it’s very big and you don’t like to cut it up, still you can keep it at your curb.

You just need to go through spending an extra five dollars. If you find both options are hopeless then you can simply drop it off at the recycling center.

Make It Fish Food

You might don’t know that old Christmas trees are a great ground to feed your fish. It’s because trees easily draw the attraction of algae that fishes like to eat. They also decompose in the water gradually.

But, you’ll have to ensure that the tree doesn’t have treated with any type of chemical that can harm to fishes. And dump the tree into your pond or take prior permission from the owner of the pond. 

Make It a Bird Feeder

If you don’t find a suitable pond to dump your Christmas tree, then make it a bird feeder. But, ensure that all of the decorated items have been removed from it first as you don’t want to hoop up a bird accidentally with the decorating items.

Take it out to the backyard and keep it corded with a bird feeder or popcorn. After some months, the tree will dry out and then you can dispose of it on your own.

Make Firewood

When you need to make fires, you should chop up the tree to use as firewood. You need to wait for months to dry the chopped wood for burning. But, you can use the Christmas tree as firewood and it’s an easy way to dispose of it.

Don’t forget one thing that you’ll find a massive amount of wood smoke and creosote from evergreen smoke that is toxic. That’s why you just use this tree when you make a fire outside of your house. It’s because it’s safe for you and your family as well.


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