Best DICOM Viewer Android to Explore


It looks like you’re looking for the best DICOM viewer for your Android devices. If our assumption is correct then simply continue reading the entire post up to the end. You’ll get the most about Android versions of these viewers and you’ll learn some other things as well. In this case, we’re going to discuss the definition of DICOM and some of its Android features.

The viewers of DICOM help to reveal the images and data from their supported files. The formats are including JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, etc. So, let’s know some relevant discussions about the best DICOM viewer Android.

A Brief of DICOM

The term “Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine” is the abbreviation of DICOM. When it comes to store and view of medical image and data, this is one of the great ways to do so far. As it stores images in a special way, it’s somewhat a different format to file format.

It makes sure your data will never get apart from images as it comes with a critical format of storing data and images. Besides, there are some more things to know about DICOM files. The main issue of this format is that you can’t open these files using the common software that you use for other formats.

Yes, it needs some other and specialized viewers to open the files of .dcm. So, you need the right Android DICOM viewer for your Android devices to view these files. Now, let’s know about some of the best Android viewers for the DICOM files.

syngo.via Web Viewer


if you use this app you’ll be able to open your DICOM files easily. It does not just have some handy features; it also has some standard viewing tools. Before you use this viewer, you should ensure that you have an Android platform of iOS 5.1 or the higher. The best part of this viewer is that you can download and use it free of cost.

INFINITT Mobile Viewer HD

It’s the app that has been made to just view the DICOM files. This is not for the purpose of diagnosis. There is a central server that enables you using and running the app on your smart mobile devices. Among many features of the app, zooming, measurements, and Hounsfield unit scaling are some main ones.

This app needs the Android version of 2.3 or later to operate on your mobile phone or other supported devices. Also, it’s free to download and uses like the previous one.


OsiriX HD

In the current Android apps, this one is in the top position. As a result, the app is being used widely across the world. It’s easy to download and use with a series of images directly to an iOS gadget for manipulating purposes.

Also, it has some great features like zoom, contrast change, and pan. But, you need the Android devices with iOS 7.1 or later to use this app. And it’s not free to download and use as it costs $49.99.


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