Flushing, Oil Change & Refrigerant Replacement for AC Compressor


There are so many parts in an AC Compressor. So many things can go wrong or wear out over time. So, how do you replace them? Here we will discuss a few components that you can consider when you need AC compressor replacement. The process has been discussed in the following.

Flushing & Evacuating

The initial process of the replacement but a very crucial one for judging the health of your car’s air conditioner compressor. AC compressors fail for a host of different reasons. Two big reasons for compressor failure is basically contamination and oil starvation. 

If you find that either of the problems is there, then you should consider AC compressor replacement. Flushing and evacuating is the first step you should do before replacing anything. Take some AC flush solvent and flush the inside and vacuum it as well. Once you are done with flushing and vacuuming run whatever is left through a coffee filter. If you see any impurities like Metal flakes or any sort of discoloration, then run it through the solvent one more time.

If the discoloration and flakes are still, there after the second flushing then you should consider checking the condenser and other parts. These may need changing and flushing a third time won’t be necessary. The parts can’t be cleaned as well because most cars now use a serpentine condenser. 

Oil Change

Oil is a very big part of any working part. They prevent excessive wear and tear of the internal components. This is the same for your air compressor. A good supply of oil is vital for the installation of your AC compressor. The oil decomposition within the system usually happens because of contamination and other debris. 

You should make sure you know which type of oil your compressor requires as most compressors are unique to only one type of oil. The viscosity of oil required varies from compressor to compressor. You can find out what oil your car needs from your owner’s manual. Make sure you read the owner’s manual before making any decisions.

There are many shops that sell compressors with pre-filled oil. To be honest there is no guarantee about the type of oil it has or if it has enough for your compressor. There are air compressors that require to be half filled and the other half needs to be in the dryer. There are compressors which require to be filled as well. This you can make sure by referencing your owner’s manual. If you are getting an AC compressor replacement you should perform a flush and then re-fill it premium grade oil for the best possible outcome. 


Most probably your car uses Freon as the refrigerant. If you are replacing the Freon, then consider using the R134a Freon for the system. You will see that there are many alternatives for Freon on the market. Trust me none of them are good enough. Plus, none have been tested. If you are not making sure that you are using a sealed and secured refrigerant, then it might wreak havoc on your compressor system.

What You Know

These are the most basic things you can do for your car’s AC compressor replacement. There are many other components that have been left out. Those require a bit of an expert hand. So if you are facing problems with those parts I suggest you consult with your mechanic.


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