6 Handy Storage Shed Organization Tips


1. Using a Magnetic Bar for Tools

You can have a magnetic bar installed for holding up the tools. This idea is very common and popular to store and hold your tools up. The magnetic bar should be strong so that it holds the tools without any problem. Your main inventory like hammers saw pliers and other basic tools can be easily stored in it. Make sure that you attach the bar firmly on a wall so that it is firm and doesn’t fall.

2. Hanging Jars

Jars are very commonly used in storing different stuff like nails, wires, fasteners, screws and other small stuff present in a large quantity. Sometimes the jar lid can get lost and it is hard to organize. You can make a hanging jar where the problem of lid getting lost is out of the question. Use two screws and fasten the lid to the upper side of the shelf. You can unscrew the jar from the bottom and get what you need then screw the jar back onto the fixed lid. This is the best way to keep your small stuff organized.

3. Have the Garden Supplies Stored On Outer Walls

If you want to free up your shed, this is the best way to keep some of the tools out of it. Make a wooden storage pull-open box that will look stylish and will serve as the best storage for your daily gardening tools. You can look up on the internet on creative ideas. On the other hand, if your shed is old, you can use any storage shed removal Austin service to get it removed. A good way is to search the term ‘storage shed removal Austin’.

4. Pegboard

If the magnetic bar thing isn’t your thing, then you can use a pegboard to easily organize all of your tools. It is an easy way to declutter your shed as it picks items up from your floor and put them on the wall. It’s easy, simple and effective. A pegboard can be used to store a number of different tools with the right kind of hook. It is the best way to make your items organized in a proper manner.

5. Storing Chemicals

It is common to have some sort of chemical elements like pesticides in your shed. They are usually used more often than not to kill pesticides in your yard and sometimes there is also paint stored in your shed along with diesel and other chemical stuff. These kinds of stuff are very reactive and toxic and are prone to damage your flooring or shelves. Provide them with a separate container away from all other items. Remember to not put them in a confined space and keep away from direct sunlight as some of them are literally flammable and make sure that the container has cross ventilation in it so that the gas doesn’t build up in the container. Moreover, if your shed has been damaged by chemicals, it’s best to repair it or use a storage shed or junk trash removal Austin service to remove it safely.

6. Ceiling Storage

Your ceiling can also be used as storage if you have a small shed. You can make use of your ceiling by placing a wooden I-beam nailed firmly on the ceiling. Now, all you need are some storage boxes that can be slid with your items in them. It is a very creative way of organizing the clutter. Make sure that you only use those items that aren’t used that often because you may find it a bit of hassle to add and remove items frequently.


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