Tips to Know About How to Edit PDF Online Free

When you find files with “.pdf” file extension, you’ll understand these are PDF files (Portable Document Format). These files usually use to in form of the read-only document with page layout preservation. If you need documents in the special format, then this is the right thing to use for. The documents include eBooks, user’s manual, scanned documents, and application forms.

While looking back to the PDF file invention, it was the 1990s when Adobe has created this format. In this time, they have created two things at a time regarding file opening and using. Thus, they enabled people to open files in any device without additional software. Just you need to have a PDF reader that’s getting used by the most web browsers in these days to fit their bill.

How Can You View Your PDF Files?

As PDF files come in a standard format, you’ll find there a lot of apps out there to open them. For example, there is Adobe’s official app (Acrobat Reader), web browsers, and some third party apps. Also, you’ll find some word processing apps that are easy to use in this issue. Well, now, let’s know some different ways to open and edit PDF online free.

Web Browser

When it comes to opening PDF files, the best and easiest way is to use your web browser. This is not just easy to use, it also usable on your Windows and Mac OS. In any case, while having no other PDF app or software, you have it with your browser as a default app. The app needs just a double click on it to open your PDF documents.

But, if you’re no able to open this way then “right click” the document and point your cursor to the option “open with”. And this option needs to make a double click when you like to open your essential documents. Also, there is another way if you failed in previous ways.

Simply right click the file that you like to open and point your cursor on the option “open with” where you’ll find your browser to open it. This will provide similar results that other paid or famous apps can.

Desktop Reader

If you’re looking for better feature and more control, then you can use your desktop reader. In this issue, you can use Acrobat Reader of Adobe that’s an official tool while you need to open PDF files. It’s not just free to use, it also available for all platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Installing this software, you just need to make double-click on the PDF document you’re like to open. In the app, you’ll find there are so many features for better control of the view. Also, it can expert an editable format of PDF files like the document of Microsoft Office.

How Can You Edit a PDF Document?

When you want to edit or split your PDF file and like to keep it in the same format, you have limited options. So, you should go through the paid version of a better PDF reader. For example, the Acrobat DC of Adobe that’s somewhat pricey and just comes at the Windows version.

Alternatively, there are alternate solutions like online PDF tools to edit or split PDF online free.

Tips to Know About How to Edit PDF Online Free
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