Know About This Year’s Best 3G Data Plans in Australia

Imagine it was a brand new thing when the iPhone was released for the first time. Also, it was released with offers for its buyers to choose the models without 3G connectivity. But, there were many people opted for the just Wi-Fi model and it also had a great reason. As it was too expensive to get the phone connected to a mobile network, there was no easy availability of it.

That time it was quite appealing to go out with your tablet or laptop on the road getting the reliable internet access. But, some other people relied on their smartphone to surf through the internet using the data connection.

The days are gone many years ago and it’s easier to plan your data usage in a more accessible way.

With the below topics, let’s know about some of the best 3G data plans Australia of this year. If you go through the content, you’ll be able to make your 3G plans easily and effectively.

Data Only SIM Cards

You’ll find data-SIM cards in these days from most of the providers. They come with an offer of a big data limit than the regular mobile SIM cards as their name suggests it. Rather than a standard phone SIM, all of its offerings are better with its price. Also, you’ll be able to use it everywhere of this dedicated data SIM card like Android tablets, Smartphones, and iPads.

However, if you want to use portable Wi-Fi, you’ll need to have an iPad with 4G compatibility. In essence, they’re the SIM you need to search for if you find a way of getting your manageable device and it gets connected to a network of your desired mobile carrier.

A Data SIM Is a Different Option

As data SIM and best cheap phone plans Australia is usually targeted to the users of the larger devices, you can’t avoid getting it for your Smartphone. In this way, you essentially can enjoy the advantages of the larger data limit that’s perfect for you to spend the maximum time with their smart devices online than on calls.

Although data SIMs typically don’t have the access of making any voice call, they’re able to receive calls. It’s true that you can’t make a call, but your colleagues and friends can call you to that SIM as normal. Also, you can make calls when you have apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Facetime.

As a result, it’s worth finding out whether you make a fewer phone call or not. If you use your device mainly for data use like internet browsing, then a data SIM is quite better for you.

OVO Mobile Data Only SIM

OVO mobile is relatively one of the newcomers, but it shakes things up in a unique way in the mobile phone market. The network they run is known as OVOPlay and they offer their customers to get access to streaming Australian sports channels. Apart from this provider, you’ll also find some others who offer these types of services.

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