10 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

How to reduce cart abandonment? Let’s know!

1. Use Exit-Intent Pop-Ups

The exit-intent popups are meant to encourage the customers stay on the site, continue shopping and buy products when they are about to leave without buying products. It usually shows them offers, promotions or tokens to avail the offers.

2. Keep the Cart Visible

More than 25% users when abandon the cart want it to be saved and clearly visible when they return to the site. Every single item the customers choose should be in their cart. The cart should be clearly visible to all the users so that they can save their time by not choosing products again.

3. Make Checkout Superfast

From choosing items to adding to the cart and checking out – the whole process should be lightning fast as recommended by ecommerce website design development services. It helps customers trust the brand, feel more confident and buy products. They save time and are not engaged in timing wasting activities while shopping online.

4. Save the User Carts

The user cart with their items chosen should be saved. Every customer should find their chosen items when they return to the site even after a month or more. It is something many ecommerce sites ignore and end up losing customers.

5. Offer All Payment Gateways

Every ecommerce store that wants to reduce cart abandonment must offer the customers with a number of payment options that they are already using. Include all the popular international payment gateways as well as local solutions so that every customer can pay and not abandon the cart. You can consult with an ecommerce website design development service for details on that.

6. Offer Free Shipping

Once the users start selecting their products, the site must show they will be provided with free shipping in a very short time. Such kind of messages are appealing and convince users to buy products. Free shipping should not compromise on delivery time or delay the customer orders because of free shipping.

7. Optimize Page Load Time

The site performance must be top-notch. It should be ultrafast, highly optimized with low page loading time, fast opening of images and web pages. The site performance sometimes also affects the shopping trend. Poor performance of the site and too much loading time may lead to cart abandonment.

8. Offer Guest Checkout

What is guest checkout? It is to allow the users or customers buy products, make payments and checkout as guest, without creating an account. Many ecommerce sites have weird restrictions to create accounts, add payment details, address and other stuff. It increases bounce rate.

9. Optimize Site for Mobile

The ecommerce sites must be mobile-friendly. No one can afford missing a huge number of customers by not making their site mobile-friendly. It allows the users to perform the same actions on mobiles as they can do on the desktop version. In fact, all ecommerce web development Melbourne companies have already included mobile support in their web development services.

10. Send Email Reminders

When the customers add items and products to their cart, leave it and don’t return for weeks- the sites must send them reminders through emails. Some customers really forget what they selected. It will help them buy products and make payments if they genuinely need those articles.

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