5 Best Places to Camp in Santa Barbara

Follow below to know where to camp in Santa Barbara.

1. Carpinteria State Beach

Though it is a bit of crowded area but if you like to be surrounded by people and explore the beauty of nature then you are absolutely at the right place. Camping location on sides of urban ocean is considered to be one of the best places to camp in Santa Barbara where you can get the real feel of sandy beach, clean winds and the relaxing sound of waves. Even kids can enjoy here as well due to the play area made there to engage them while restaurants and bars are also available at a very short walking distance. This whole package makes a perfect camping experience for your vacations.

2. Fremont Campground

It is one of the four campgrounds provided by National Forests of the Santa Barbara but makes a very good option of camping for people who love adventure and thrilling. You would be amazed to see the pedestal grills and stone fire rings well equipped and maintained by the management there. You can also dive into Santa Ynez River but make sure your camping months are not in dry season from August to December as you can’t enjoy diving experience in this time. Else, diving and fishing are the main enjoyments there in spring season.

3. Paradise Campground

If you deeply in love with natural beauty with greenery all around then this spot is the best place to camp in Santa Barbara. Also, you will experience the wonderful ranch experience there all managed and organized by their management who also keep this place safe and clean every time. You will also find clean washrooms and restrooms there stocked with toilet papers all the time. The best thing is that you can also take your pets there as it is completely safe for them as well. You would definitely love your trip to this beautiful spot which is situated in the grove of oak trees.

4. Explore the Wineries at DeeTours of Santa Barbara

It is a perfect place so spend your holidays when you want to stay care free and enjoy without any worry of any arrangement needed for this camping. Yes, DeeTours arrange each and everything for you as per your plans and make your experience more than amazing while camping in Santa Barbara. Especially, if you love wineries then you are at the perfect spot to make some beautiful memories that you are going to cherish later in life.


5. Sea Cave Kayaking Camp Side

This place is just breathtakingly amazing when you love nature and adventure together at one place which is known as one of the best places for camping in Santa Barbara. It is better to book your camping here with some tour guide who can make all necessary arrangements for you for the best kayaking experience of course which may include safety precautionary items and food for you. That too in deep sea cave is definitely going to be a life time memorable experience for you.

5 Best Places to Camp in Santa Barbara
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