Replacing Auto Parts: Rear Bumper

As a car owner more often than not the biggest threat on the road is other car owners. See you really don’t want to hear a crunching noise from the back when you are stopping at the side of the road or within the parking lot. But this does happen. Accidents do occur and we can only try to prevent it but it is never completely in our hands.

Your rear bumper provides you with the protection from collisions from the back. In a low-speed collision where only your rear bumper got damaged, you can replace it on your own. All you need to do is just get the auto body part from a shop. There are plenty of shops that have discount auto body parts on their inventory. You can easily find a local auto parts store nearby or an online parts store by doing a quick search on the internet. But make sure you research and have a decision on what to get before buying.

In the case where you do need to replace your car’s rear bumper, you can follow the tips that will be listed below. A relatively simple job. You can easily do it with the help of a friend and a set of spanners or a wrench, a flat headed screwdriver and most definitely a new rear bumper.

The Boot of The Car

So, you first need to open the boot of the car. Then find the trim of the covers the bolts holding your bumper in place. Once you find the trim, unscrew the small bolts holding the trim. Then using a flat-head screw carefully remove the trim without damaging it, exposing the bolts. Then the job is pretty simple. Remove the bolts and screws with a spanner or a wrench.

Work Under The Car

The remaining bolts for the auto part are under your car, near the rear wheel arches. The bolts are easy to find and all you have to do is remove them and keep them safe. Then you would need to detach the plastic clips and fixings that hold the rear bumper to the car. You can use the screwdriver to pop any plastic rivets out. After this removing the auto body part is easier as it will come off if you just pull at it.

Work With A Friend

This is where your friend comes in. Once you have the new auto part ask your friend to hold and align the bumper with the holes in the boot. While he is holding the part check if they are aligned properly or not. This can take some time so don’t worry. Make sure you align it properly and then put the bolts and screws in place with your spanner or wrench.

Final Touch

Once all that is over just screw in the bolts under the rear wheel arch. Then push the rear bumper and attach the plastic fittings with the car’s body so that it holds firmly. All that you need to do right now is to check for loose screws. Go around and push the rear bumper. If you feel that your bumper moves at places then locate the closest bolt and screw them even more tightly.

So there you go, this is how you can replace the rear bumper of your car. Make sure you do the ordering properly and decide beforehand if you are getting OEMs or Aftermarket auto body parts. Once you have done all this take your car for a spin and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

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