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Hair Extension Problems and Their Solutions

No matter what your go-to style is, all can be achieved with the right piece of hair extensions. For example, the deep curly clip in hair extensions. But before getting that big investment, an accessory you need to know all there is to hair extensions because diving into the world of hair extensions with little or no information or experience can lead to glue damaged hair mess.

Extension problems and their solution vary from type to type. There are many types of hair extensions for example; wavy, synthetic, real, and deep curly clip in hair extensions. There is also a different type of ways to put them in, temporary or semi-permanent or permanent. All of these have their own pros and cons to be dealt with. There are many salons that can help you get the perfect piece according to the type and color of your hair.

1. Deciding Between Synthetic or Real Hair

The most common mistake is to buy cheap synthetic extensions as they are used occasionally. People tend to spend less money on extensions, but the synthetic piece will lose its shine in a couple of uses.

To get best out of your extensions for a longer period of time, it’s better to get real hair. The cost will increase but it’s the best value you can get because real hair stays shiny and healthy for a longer period.

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2. Adhesive Coming Loose

One big problem is the adhesive losing its grip and the extension slipping down that creates uncomfortable tug near the root of the hair. As the extensions are glued near the hair root, when it slides off, the weft shows. The best way to avoid this is to wash your hair less with a mild shampoo and to use a leave in conditioner that can repair your hair as well.

3. Heating and Styling

The more heat you apply, the less shiny and weaker your extensions will get. To escape this problem, you should always apply heat proofing product to your extensions along with your real hair. This may help keep the extensions in your hair for a longer period.

4. Brushing

Tugging and pulling at your hair can loosen the extensions even if they are permanent. It’s best to avoid that. It’s prudent to use a wide tooth comb or detangling brush when brushing or combing out tangled hair.

5. Hair Shedding

When removing the hair extension if you notice hair fall off, don’t worry. Our hair sheds on a daily basis, but it sheds even more so when removing extensions as they are glued or woven in it takes the effort to get them out, be as gentle as you can to lose as little hair as possible.

6. Rejuvenating Tour Hair

If your hair is thinning on regular basis and if you apply for extensions just to disguise the fact, don’t. Take a break from this hassle and concentrate on getting the health of your hair back. Work on the problems causing hair thinning, take supplements, each healthy food, and use rejuvenating products to regain strong hair.

Hair Extension Problems and Their Solutions
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