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Car Companies That Failed and Stopped Operating

We have thousands of good, luxury, and sports car around us. They are built by the best brands of the world. There are literally hundreds of car brands that launch millions of new cars every year and there make their customers buy a new car. But it will be interesting to find out that in spite of these car brands, many were other companies that tried hard but failed and stopped working anymore. In this post, we will include some of the car brands that stopped working after failure. Let’s take a moment to think about them before your new car buying.

  1. Studebaker
  2. Oldsmobile
  3. Packard
  4. Pontiac
  5. Plymouth
  6. Mercury
  7. Tucker Cooperation
  8. Kaiser Frazer
  9. American Motor Company
  10. Edsel
  11. DeLorean Motor Company
  12. Saturn Hummer
  13. Hudson
  1. Studebaker

This is one of the early brands that suffered in 1953 after a price war between GM and Ford Motors. This company was built by Germans who were goldsmith by profession but they managed to make some outstanding vehicles in early 1940. Till 1950 they were good and won some awards as well but after that, it failed and stopped working.

  1. Oldsmobile

Oldsmobile was a popular car brand in 1950 but it failed in the 90s due to really bad performance, poor quality and not meeting the modern day needs of that time. The brand ruled over the industry for few decades but later on could not come up to the expectations and wrapped up its business.

  1. Packard

The brand started as a luxury car line and was successful as well. They launched a number of outstanding cars but they also suffered from the price war between Ford and GM motors. The company was merged with Studebaker but it proved the final nail in its coffin.

  1. Pontiac

Pontiac cars were designed for action. Yes, they were the sports car for racing and competitions because they suffered when there were an oil shortage and safety concerns from the drivers increased. The company could not meet with the demands and ceased its operations. From 1950 to 1970 the brand remained one of the best sports car company and shut down its offices in the early 90s.

  1. Mercury

Designed as Ford’s middle price option, most of the models of the company were cheaper and did a great job in the market. The company that opened new doors for the luxury car fans had to shut down in 2000.

  1. American Motor Company

The company started in the early 40s and focused on compact and fuel-efficient cars in 50s. However, with the passage of time, the brand could not improve its front designs and was forced to stop its models. The sales had declined drastically and the brand suffered in the last few years.

  1. Kaiser Frazer

This brand was the ownership of two partners. They worked really hard and also managed to sell a good number of cars. However, there was an argument between the two partners in 1951 and that was the end of Kaiser and Frazer. The brand was looked to work better in the coming years because it had launched some nice cars but the conflict ended a brand that was foreseen as a leading car brand.

Car Companies That Failed and Stopped Operating
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