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How to Install a Water Softener?

Tired from the nuisance of hard water? Get help from master flow water softeners and obtain readily available fresh water, 24/7.

Before you begin your installation, know that there are different types of water softener systems. The easiest to install are magnetic systems, followed by the salt based system and reverse osmosis system.

Remember, that some places require you to get a permit before you begin installation of master flow water softeners.

  1. Magnetic Systems

These systems are rarely installed by professionals. The cost of these systems is dependent upon the size of the system and number of pipes, with which you will establish a connection.

You will need a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench to commence the installation. The first step is visualization. Find the area where you would want to install your system. The coolest thing about magnetic systems is that they don’t take much space and hence, can be installed anywhere. Open the magnetic box and clamp one end to the pipe. Fit the box in the mentioned direction of the provided instructions and secure the box with screws.

  1. Salt Based Systems

They are considered an average level difficulty. You can install them yourself and you can also call a professional fleck 5600sxt water softener installation company. Up to you!

You will need 2 compression fittings, tapes, pipe cutters, wrenches, tee valves, gate valves, torch, Teflon tape, copper pipes, and 2 union fittings.

The first step is to shut off the water supply from your main line. Open the lowest valve in your house and drain all the pipes. Now, shut the hot water heater and turn off the power source. It is time to visualize the area, where you would want to install the water softener. This place needs to be an area, which exists before the line i.e. before the line goes into the water heater.

Now use a pipe cutter and cut into mainline. Rotate the cutter by tightening it at a place, so that smooth cutting is performed. Install an elbow fitting and use compression fittings to attach the pipes. Clamp the water hose to the unit and place it at the drainage spot.

Remember, the end of the hose needs to be at least two inches above the drain hole. Connect the overflow tube with the brine tank and set the valve to bypass position.

  1. Reverse Osmosis Systems

These are very difficult to install and for your own convenience, it would be best if you acquire the services of a company, specializing in master flow water softeners.

To install these systems, you need a knife, wrench, screwdriver, and tapes.

Shut off the water supply and drain the water through the taps. Get a place of reasonable height and mark the area of assembly. Install the saddle valve by unscrewing the cold water feed. Now attach one end of saddle valve to water filter supply. You can make precise tubing cuts with the knife. Link the faucet with supply and waste lines.

Now, link the faucet with the sink and perform drain adapter installation. Connect the supply lines after setting your storage tank and fill the system, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Install a Water Softener?
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