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10 Essential Bottle-Feeding Tips

If you have never fed a baby with a bottle before, this guide is for you. For most mothers, bottle feeding is a warm and loving experience as your baby is close to you and you are gazing into her eyes. If you let your baby suck on the bottle alone, you will miss the chance of bonding with her when she is feeding. Plus, there are dangers associated with that too like she can choke or the bottle can slip out of its position. Using devices to hold the bottle is not recommended at all.

Milk Formula and Bottle-Feeding Equipment

When it comes to feeding the baby, firstly, you are going to need the best organic goat milk formula and the best bottle-feeding equipment. Choose simple bottles that are easy to wash and sterilize.

Tips for Bottle Feeding

  1. Most babies prefer warmed milk over room temperature milk. Warm the bottle by placing it in a bowl of hot water. Do this for a few minutes only. Before giving the bottle to the baby, test the warmth by sprinkling a few drops of milk on your wrist. Make sure you start feeding only when the milk is lukewarm. For those of you who are using milk formula, never warm it in a microwave even if it is the best organic goat milk formula.
  2. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position.
  3. The bottle needs to be held upright. The baby will need head support to breathe and swallow at the same time.
  4. Start by brushing the teat against the baby’s lips. When she opens her mouth, then let her draw in the teat.
  5. Make sure the teat has milk in it otherwise, your baby will just be taking in air.
  6. The whole in the baby’s teat should not be big otherwise, your baby may get sick. If your baby is gagging or gulping too fast that means the hole is too big. On the other hand, if your baby is sucking heard, that means the hole is too small.
  7. Usually, babies take short breaks during the feed. They need to burp sometimes too. In that case, once your baby has had enough milk, hold her upright and pat her back gently. You will have to do this a couple of times during the feeding.
  8. Don’t forget to follow your baby’s signals. Yes, you know exactly what and how much your baby is drinking but all these matters less than the response of the baby. She will let you know by her signals when she is hungry and when she has had enough of the milk.
  9. It’s great that you are bonding with your baby when she is feeding, but let others share this experience too. Don’t just keep all the pleasure to yourself, let your partner, parents and caregivers’ bond with the baby. This will allow you to take some rest.
  10. Even if you are feeding the best organic goat milk formula, your baby will spit some of it. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal. All babies do it since their digestive system is still developing.
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