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Things to Know About the First and Second Stage of Reiki Training Program

So in this article, I will mainly give you the explanation about the first and second stage of Reiki training program. Basically, in order to master yourself in Reiki, you just need to go through three stages. In this article, I will mainly discuss the first two which are very important stages for Reiki training programs. Therefore, keep reading to know more in details.

So in order to master yourself in Reiki training program, the very first thing that you will have to perform is to learn the basics of Reiki. This is actually considered as the most popular way to get started with learning Reiki. So when it comes to a matter of learning the very basic parts of Reiki program, sadly most of the people get afraid. One of the reasons behind this is they don’t have any idea about the course structure or duration. They have just heard from a few people that the stages of Reiki training are difficult and that’s why they easily get disappointed. However, in order to become an awesome Reiki therapist, you just need to start with learning the basics and taking the first – degree training class is an awesome way to perform that. However keep one most essential and vital thing in your mind it the Reiki training stages may differ based on the instructor or school you choose, it has mainly been taught in three stages or you can call it degree as well. So what the first degree is all about?

Well, the first degree mainly teaches student very simple techniques that they can use to their friends and relatives as well. So it shouldn’t be as tough as people might think. The first degree will let you know about the precepts as well as the history of Reiki. At the same time, you will also be able to get to know about the very basics of healing techniques together with the spiritual healing meditation.

Please note that the very first – degree training you will be going to take will generally require only eight to twelve hours to be finished, though a few beginning courses might quite a bit longer, like even a day or two. Hope you understood.

The first – degree training costs around the US $250

Training might include the following thing like:

  1. Spiritual meditation techniques
  2. Hand placement
  3. Hands-on practice.

Now let’s discuss a bit about the second – degree training as a part of the Reiki program. So here, it basically involves the usage of distant healing technique. Price of this module differing from around $400 to $700 or even a bit more. But do keep one thing in mind that various schools or instructors have various prerequisites for this training module.

So to sum up, the above mentioned two training modules are the well-known training programs for becoming a professional Reiki therapist. I hope you have found something valuable from this content. So that’s all for today and thanks for reading!

Things to Know About the First and Second Stage of Reiki Training Program
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