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A Guide to SIM Only Plans

When getting mobile phone plans SIM only, people often get tricked. Most of them don’t know what they are getting and once they make a decision, they are stuck with paying high-end installments.

Read out the following guide of mobile phone plans SIM only and make yourself aware.

What do you want?

There are 2 options:

  1. Contract plan
  2. Month-month plan

Telstra offers both months – month and contract plans, starting from $50 per month. Virgin Mobile and Vodafone (Australia) offer month – month. You can also avail month – month price for both, $60 and less than $60 with a 1-year contract if you decide to avail from Optus.

You need to know the most feasible option for you! Calculate the overall cost along with an amount of money you will be willing to spend per month.

  1. How Much You Plan on Using?

By using, we meant both data usage and call usage. You can infer the monthly budget you require for your monthly calls and data. What if your contract was a bad deal but this new monthly deal is super good for your budget?

Suppose you were using a $50 plan but it was extra on your pocket. You simply couldn’t consume all the data. Maybe it is time to shift down towards a $40 package. You will save money in the long run.

A recommended sim only phone plane is that of AmaySIM. It is an unlimited plan, costing $44.90 and provides 4GB of data. It is a month – month plan and the best part is that there are no commitments beyond the end of the month.

  1. Company Benefits

Company benefits vary from a company – company. Telstra has its ‘Thanks’ program which benefits users the longer they have been associated with the company. Similarly, Vodafone is trying to throw in new deals, in order to make new customers.

Virgin Mobile provides an array of goodies in their packages. Think about this: If you have access to free voicemail, you can save $30 dollars per month.

  1. Buying Online

It is beneficial for you as well as beneficial for companies. In retail outlets of companies, they have to invest thousands of dollars in form of rent and salaries.

If there is no rent and salaries to pay, you will get to pay a lower cost. As a result, companies use an online platform as an incentive for selling through a low-cost channel.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Last but not the least, read reviews of customer satisfaction. Sometimes you need to fix something and if companies are delaying on improvements, you will feel frustrated. Gain a better insight by reading reviews from multiple sources of multiple telecom companies.

  1. Network

The undisputed winner of best Network coverage in Australia is Telstra. Optus comes in 2nd place, followed by other companies.

As a thumb rule, if you live in major cities and don’t travel much, any SIM is good for you but if your job involves traveling to remote parts of Australia, it is important to give consideration to your network for mobile plans with international calls.

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