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Top 8 Things To Know Before You Buy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become very trendy and necessary. They are a solution to so many hair problems. And they are not very expensive if you go for some cheaper ones. But of course, if you want Russian virgin hair extensions, they will cost a little more. If you are hesitant while choosing extensions, do not worry. Here are the top things that you must know about extensions:

  1. Know Your Lifestyle

You must consider your lifestyle before choosing hair extensions. The choice of an extension depends upon how you treat your natural hair. If you have virgin hair which is un-colored or treated, you can go for Russian blonde hair extensions. But if you color them more often, you need to go for different hair extensions.

  1. Choose the Right Color

You have to opt for a color that matches your natural hair. A slight change of colors will make your extensions visible. In this way, they will not blend in for a natural look. The trick is to match the color of extensions with the ends of your hair, not the roots.

  1. There Are Many Types of Extensions

There are various extensions which suit your preferences. You can go for clip-in extensions which are slightly cheaper and made from synthetic hair. Or you can choose tape-in extensions. If you are hesitant in choosing extensions, perhaps you can start with clip-ins. They are cheap and will give you a fair idea of using extensions.

  1. They Will Look Natural with Extra Care

All you have to do is select a matching color and choose the right application method. In this way, your extensions will seem natural and nobody would be able to spot the difference. Do not choose extremely long extensions, they will obviously be very visible to spot. Instead, choose smaller portions of extensions to add volume to your hair.

  1. They Will Not Cause Damage

Hair extensions can cause damage to your hair, but only if you neglect them. You can minimize the damage with extra maintenance. Be sure to treat them with special care and pout them off every night (if you are suing clip-ins). Do not attach them too tight, as they will pull your hair continuously, giving you a headache.

  1. How Expensive Are Extensions?

It depends on which type of extensions you are going for. For example, clip-ins will cost around $250, and not more than that. Tape-in extensions will cost almost $550 for a full set of extensions. Keratin is slightly expensive and will cost you almost $850 for a full set.

  1. Application Methods

There are various application methods. Micro-link hair extensions will be applied through a metal joining your hair and the extensions. Weave extensions will be applied by braiding the natural hair and attaching extensions to them. Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent. Clip-in extensions are applied with clips attached to the extensions.

  1. Hair Extension Care

Even if you have Russian virgin hair extensions, you have to take of them just like other synthetic ones. Wrap or tie your hair when sleeping, to prevent damage to the extensions. Remove the extension while sleeping (if you are using clip-ins).

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