How To Recycle Anything – Part 1

Recycling is a process through which old, waste materials are converted into useful products. It is a technique practiced for a very long time and almost all items can be recycled.

Here’s how you can recycle different things.

  1. Books

Almost every house has a book in its hard form. Over time, the pages start to come out and binding is spoiled. It is best if you:

  • Donate them on Freecycle
  • Sell your books on Amazon

There is also an organization known as ‘Bookcrossing’. Sign up and follow the trail of your books around the world, once you donate them.

  1. Bottles

Once you drink the cold drinks, the ‘wasted’ bottles are taken to recycling centers. You can earn money by the number of bottles you send them (in weight). The drink manufacturers then buy the bottles from those organizations and the bottles are taken back to the factory where they are cleaned and a cold drink is again filled in them. They are recyclable. To recycle bottles, put them up in recycling cans and they will be picked up. Also, bottles are recyclable but not bottle caps.

  1. Leather Accessories

Short answer, leather cannot be recycled. If leather accessories are fixable, fix them otherwise donate them off. One often sees a tag of ‘recyclable leather’ – which is made from scraps left out of the manufacturing process.

Donate your shoes to www.salesforsouls.org – An organization which collects footwear and distributes them to needy communities.

  1. Cars

Cars have a metallic body. The ultimate end of car recycling lies in a junkyard, where they are turned into scrap metal. Depending upon your car, you can get around $200-$500 as profit.

Just remember to remove your tires and check all the compartments before you scrap it off. You never know how much lose cash/jewelry or other valuables lie inside the inner pockets or crevices which you never bothered to check them out.

A website www.junkmycar.com picks up cars, motorcycles, and trailers for free and pays you cash for your junk.

  1. Electronics

There are ‘green recycling centers’ which accept old televisions and computers in major cities. These cities also feature special days for electronic recycling.

  • Best buy accepts electronic machinery.
  • Freecycle
  • National Center for electronics recycling

If your electronic device has storage device or hard drive, make sure to format it before giving it away.

  1. Furniture

Junk furniture removal services categorize mere furniture as a large term. There is wooden furniture and there is plastic furniture. Both can be recycled. You can either sell them on eBay, plastic dealers or organize a garage sale.

One of the most efficient ways is to contact your town hall and see when they will pick up their over-sized trash.

On the other hand, you can also contact a junk furniture removal service to get it removed.

  1. Cell Phones

In the recent years, they have negatively contributed towards the large trash. Luckily, some NGOs took steps and now you can recycle them

  • ‘Best buy’ accepts old cell phones.
  • ‘Hope line’ will accept your donated cell phones.

Again, it is important to delete personal information from your mobile before you give it away.

  1. Clothes

Freecycle accepts clothes. Either, you can give away the torn clothes or tear them into smaller pieces to make useful items for yourself.

Google ‘household torn clothes items’ and you will find many valuable search results.

Like the list? There is more. Head to the second part of the article.

How To Recycle Anything – Part 1
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