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4 Essential Cleaning Tips for Foreclosed Home

Foreclosed homes are extremely on the rise these days. Due to the extreme price hikes in property, not paying rentals on time or due to many other issues, owners of the house are either kicked out or they leave the property behind themselves. When the owners leave a property angrily or due to some problem they mostly leave a lot of trash and debris behind plus they leave their things as well such as old clothes, furniture, and much other equipment.

These foreclosed homes are then sold by property agents at very low prices. If you are loving in the vicinity of Bronx, then you will find many foreclosed homes. Before selling, estate agents will need to clean the foreclosed homes and cleaning a foreclosed home is not an easy task, you will have to take the help of junk removal services.

1. Deal with Their Vacancy

Vacant houses are home to many pests, dirt, and debris and also for burglars who may come and steal all the stuff. Vacant houses can also promote vandalism as corrupt people may illegally capture it and do bad acts inside. You will need to deal with this first and change all the locks and security windows and doors so that no one can get inside.

2. Call in The Professionals

Call any professional junk removal Bronx service to completely clean the interior of the house. This may include clearing all the trash and garbage and completely cleaning the house. Throw away broken things and furniture. The prior owners may have left behind many things. Sort out those things and give away those things which can be used by others or which can be recycled while throw away the rest.

3. Deal with The Outside

Once you are done with the interior of the hose, you will need to focus on the exterior. If the house has a garden, backyard or pool then cleaning should be done. You can also take the services of junk removal Bronx companies if they offer lawn and garden cleanup. Mow the lawn, cut the weeds and bushes, spray weed killers and insecticides and water the grass. Remove all the water from the pool to avoid fungus on the water layer. This way the house will look presentable and not a haunted place.

4. Close the Equipment

You may not know when you are able to sell the house so you need to take precautions of the machinery and equipment of the house. Turn off all the water pipes and taps and close the water mains. Drain all the pipes and taps to clear all the water out and to avoid wastage in an abandoned house and also if in case any accident occurs of water pipe bursting. Turn off the gas mains of the stove and other machines such as a dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, television, and computers. Switch off the electricity mains to avoid any accidental current or electric shocks or fire. This way you will save the house from getting destroyed.

Once you have performed everything and the house is in top shape, you will need to clean every week or 15 days to avoid getting it filled with dirt again till you sell the house to new owners.
4 Essential Cleaning Tips for Foreclosed Home
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