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Junk Removal Business Inspirational Stories

Junk is not always a term which is used in a derogatory sense to highlight waste and a sense of badness around something; it has the potential of being somebody’s main job. And many are actually making good money out of junk removal business.

In order to understand how junk removal business in today’s busy metropolitan cities is, one needs to realize the prospects in it. The amount of waste is expected to continue to grow, and people who want to be a part of an informal green revolution will want to extend their efforts into protecting the environment by disposing of the junk carefully. This is where your business comes in, and the following stories will tell you how.

Junk Removal Vancouver – Shoemuck and Esteban

The owners of this service started off in a small town (Port Moody) to assist the booming economy of Vancouver but soon found themselves taking the market by storm. They are now ready for service in North and South Vancouver, as well as in Burnaby.

The motivation behind their startup was one of a genuine willingness to help people; they simply wanted to make the life of increasing economically boosting country easier. The culture which is being adopted in Vancouver is the minimalist culture, meaning that people are not excited by the idea of hoarding many things into their houses or offices anymore.

Today, the service offers sustainable ways of disposing of garbage in accordance with the type it is qualified under (plastics, papers etc.) Their commitment to assisting the country by such a major step has inspired many others in junk removal franchise opportunities.

JunkLuggers Connecticut – Josh Cohen 

From a young man handing out flyers in Connecticut to being a seasoned business owner living the high life in Florida, Josh Cohen is an example of how a business’s appeal should not be judged from the first impression you obtain. He claims that he started the service on a very small scale in his mother’s SUV against her will, and then went on to buy a Rusty, then Green trucks, and now a lineage of those which he governs.

The message here was quite easy; the work was honorable, Josh was committed to making money and found love for helping people in his neighborhood and then across the country out, and he addressed how important junk removal actually is. You might as well be searching for junk removal franchise opportunities in JunkLuggers today!

College Hunks Hauling Junk Washington D.C. – Friedman and Soliman 

The business began in 2008 and it was inspired by the willingness to help others around. With a capital of $3 million merely three years after the initial startup, the business went on to show why Friedman (the president) and Soliman (the CEO) have made an incredible difference to the lives of others.

College Hunks Hauling Junk was one of the junk removal franchise opportunities which were heavily recognized after it assisted the citizens of USA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Moral

These inspirational stories are to point out just how small steps can go on define your life in a big way, and if you feel this startup is possible in your neighborhood then let these examples guide you in listening to your gut!

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Junk Removal Business Inspirational Stories
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