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10 Filipino Food Everyone Should Taste

There probably are hundreds of delicious food that one can taste in affordable catering services in every Filipino gathering. Some of them may not be initially Filipino, but we sure love them. Just in case you are wondering, what are some of the known Filipino food, we listed a few for you!

Here are the ten Filipino food everyone should definitely taste. You may not find them in affordable catering services, but for sure, these are yummy!

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“I looove sinigang!” This line might be familiar to you, right. But hey, who doesn’t love sinigang? The sour taste of this famous Filipino viand would surely get the love of the people. It is sometimes creamy if you will add gabi (a root crop).

There are different ways or style on how to cook sinigang. Aside from that, you can add different meat in your sinigang. You can put pork meat or shrimp.


If you are a sour lover like me, you probably have heard, tasted and enjoyed sinampalukan. This is actually quite similar to sinigang. It’s just that sinampalukan needs the tamarind leaves for extra sour taste. Also, chicken is the usual meat of choice for this dish (people don’t cook sinigang with chicken). You should try to make sinampalukan with frog meat! It somewhat tastes like chicken anyway.

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One of the top classic Filipino food is adobo. Though it has some disputed origins as to where it really should be attributed – Spanish or Filipino? Adobo, adobar in Spanish meaning marinade. A Spaniard that goes with the name Pedro de San Buenaventura included the viand in the dictionary he is making with the title “adobo de los naturales.” In this sense, we may wrongfully deduce that our favorite dish is not originally Pinoy!

But do not fret as a food historian Raymond Sokolov, adobo already existed way before Magellan set his foot on our land. So yes, adobo is ours!


Oh, who doesn’t know menudo? One can always find it parties and salusalo. It is one of the saucy Filipino food I bet everybody would love to taste. Some people add raisins to this dish while others settle with sauce, carrots, and potatoes along with the pork meat. Whether you add raisins to it or not, it should still have that sweetness with a kick of sourness.

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“Kung walang tiyaga, walang nilaga,” a line that was passed centuries to centuries to remind ourselves to be more patient and hardworking for us to get our rewards. But why do we use nilaga as a reference to this proverb? It is because this food takes time to be fully cooked. The meat needs to be tender, and it will be thru boiling or steaming for quite a long time.

If you love soup and bulalo, for sure you will fall for nilaga.


Paksiw is a simple dish to prepare and cook. All you need are vinegar, water, salt, pepper, garlic, your fish of choice (but the best is bangus or milkfish), and some vegetables particularly eggplant and ampalaya. How do you do it? You boil them all together and make sure the fish will not be overcooked. It may be effortless to cook but the taste, if done well, will leave you craving for extra rice.


Some are restricted to eat dinuguan for some personal reasons (i.e., religion). Nevertheless, this doesn’t go to show that dinuguan is sinful or what, okay. Dinuguan is mainly made with pork meat and internal organs, and of course the blood of the pig. Though there are different stories on how dinuguan came about, we can say that Filipinos’ creativity in making sure that no part of the meat is wasted is superb.

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Do you often go out for drinks? For sure, you have seen on the menu different variants of sisig – pork, seafood, tuna, chicken, and whatnot. Sisig is a Kapampangan dish and was first heard of with the name way back in 17th century, meaning “to snack on something sour” or “salad.” There may be different ways on how to prepare sisig, and it has different tastes, but the excellent flavor is probably the same.

Sisig is best made with pig’s face or maskara. Add some chili and egg on top, mix it with calamansi – bon appétit!


Another Filipino viand that is perfect for drinking and made with pork’s internal organs is bopis. Unlike sisig that is made with maskara, bopis is prepared with the pig’s hearts and lungs, and bits of carrots. Bopis is commonly known to be spicy.

Maybe, next time you will go out for booze, you can try bopis as pulutan. Nonetheless, you can still eat bopis with rice, without alcoholic drinks.


Kaldereta or caldereta is a goat meat stew flavored with liver paste and some other spices. Again, there are other variants of this dish. Instead of using goat, others cook kaldereta with pork, beef and even chicken meat. What matters most is the paste and how flavorful it is. It has that strong taste of liver, tomato paste with some hint of spicy.

There you have it! Among the dishes mentioned above, which are the ones that you love the most? What are the cooking styles and techniques you know in cooking them? Feel free to share your knowledge with us.

10 Filipino Food Everyone Should Taste
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