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What to Do with Old Tires and Used Motor Oil?

Three words – one legendary proverb “OLD IS GOLD”

Having said that, you should know that everything has a value. Read the following article to discuss old tires and used motor oil.

Old Tires

Tires are awesome. They are the latest epitome of the world’s oldest invention, the wheel. Being an integral part of cars, they serve their purpose well. When they are worn out. Their awesomeness does not fade away. You can do a bunch of things, depending on your imagination.

  1. Selling Them

Yes, there are shops which buy old tires. Usually, old tires are recycled and sent to a factory where are chopped into bits and then new tires are formed from rubber.

  1. Using in Science Projects

Rubber does not easily fade away. If you have kids in your home, you can engage in health science and engineering projects. Not only will you increase your practical knowledge, you will also be able to utilize a thing of past.

  1. Community Service

Cut the tires in shape of the bowl and fill water inside. You can either, put it on your roof or your courtyard. Birds will come and drink water from it.

  1. Home Decoration

Unleash your inner artist. Paint the old rubber with bright colors and make fascinating home decoration pieces.

Used Motor Oil

There are shops which take in old items and offer newer items at a subsidized rate. Try your luck with used motor oil.

  1. Industrial Process

Motor oil is a chemical. Despite being expired, it can be used as an additive in countless industrial process.

If you have used motor oil in bulk, try selling it off to supply distributor.

  1. Civil Engineering

The roads we walk on and the roads on whom vehicles go VROOM VROOM… These are accompanied with Bitumen.

Motor oil is an active constituent of Bitumen based products. Even if your motor oil is expired, lots of automobile workshops will want to replenish their supply.

  1. Lube

When two surfaces rub together, friction is generated. Too much friction can literally burn the mechanical machinery and may cause catastrophic damage.

What you need is lube. Lube is a medium which reduces friction. There are many types of lube, one of them is motor oil.

As an efficient liquid, it makes inter and intra-machine motion very smooth. Transforming used motor oil into advantageous lube oil is known as “lube recycling”. In this process, re-refined used oil is mixed with additives to produce quality lube.

  1. Fuel

In the end, despite being used, used motor oil still belongs to a family of “oils” and oils are good for one thing – burning.

With all the impurities and excess water, they may not burn very efficiently, but still, they will burn and may serve their purpose.

If you remove impurities from oil via filtration and remove excess water via “dewatering”, they become lighter in nature and produce the quality flame.

NOTE: Refining is all about “the amount of sugar you put, the sweeter it will get” You can improve the fuel quality by distillation, hydro-finishing, and demineralization.

If you don’t know what to do with items you don’t need anymore, you should call any of the junk disposal services in Palm Beach County and get it done by professionals.

What to Do with Old Tires and Used Motor Oil?
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