What You Should Learn About Game Design and Development

Game development is an interesting field. However, most people don’t know where to begin their journey.

The following article will help learn game design.

Game design and development roughly consists of 3 main things:

  1. Modelling
  2. Animations
  3. Coding

We’ll break all three extensively.

  1. Modelling

You obviously need characters in your game, which will be different “things”. Trees, moon, sun, heroes, villains – basically every object you see is a model.

Starting your journey, you should know how to model characters. You shouldn’t have to be a pro in this because a lot of artists design random things for fun.

You can also find thousands of already made models on the internet. Just Google the thing you want (for example spaceship 3D model). You can then import it in your game engine.

As a beginner, it is recommended to start on Blender. Blender is a free modeling tool which also has a large community. Learn how to create basic shapes from everyday life. Also learn to apply textures, shadowing and sculpting.

  1. Animations

A static object is a model. But it is just static. It is not moving. Don’t you want to give it an action? How about you give it a specific action, through some course of time (or frames)

Let’s say you are designing a game which involves shooting. Models are there but you have to design the trajectory of the bullet. That would be possible through animation.

Blender gives you tons of room to practice your animation. Throughout the interval line, you can add various effects to show your imagination.

Another popular software to start in Unity. It has both free and paid versions. Start with the free version and explore the options.

A large collection of special effects and animations, courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University are also available online to help learn game design.

  1. Coding

Again taking the above shooting example. It is good that you designed the trajectory, but when should it be fired. For that, you need to learn to code.

Coding is just a fancy name of the logic building. In this case, you can code to shoot the enemies via click of mouse or spacebar (whatever you prefer)

Talking about languages, you can go with C++ but it would take longer to perform even simpler game tasks. The reason is that C++ does not readily offer graphical functionality. For that, you have to learn another library/API.

Going with the option of C# is recommended because of availability of excellent standard libraries.

Java can also be considered because of its scalability, countless IDEs, and huge community.

Game Development Environments

There are many game development environments but we’ll recommend two for you. Those two are Unity and Unreal Engine.

Unity is themed more as ‘intuitive’ but Unreal Engine 4 is considered as a next-generation game engine. But sometimes, you really don’t need the best graphics software. You need to consider factors like your GPU, your time to release a commercial gaming software etc.

Also, game development isn’t restricted to the available environment. Many multinational gaming corporations develop their own environment.

Having said everything, learn game design by trying both Unity and Unreal Engine to determine ease of usage.

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