Digital Marketing Strategies

6 Digital Marketing Strategies To Increase Traffic And Conversion

Thousands of websites are being built every day. One of the most important qualities of any website is to generate traffic. Your website must excel in every way so that people spend more time on your website.

The following article will explain the top digital marketing strategies needed to increase traffic.

  1. SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Websites are ranked via specific indexes onto the database of a search engine. The ultimate strategy for any digital marketing company would imply the improvement in SEO so that its ranking gets better over time.

  1. Quality of Written Content

Hire a professional content writer to equip you with state of the art content. Most websites suffer from poor optimization, only because they copy the content from other websites.

Be unique and natural. Both these traits will aid you in generating web traffic.

  1. Location Targeting

Your marketing strategy should have a locative goal – what type of product is targeted at what precise region of the world?

By making your website optimized location-wise, you will build up an audience of highly targeted individuals, who will be ready to buy your product.

Link your location with testimonial credentials of social media. Build a lucrative social media profile, giving trusting testimonials about the product and VIOLA – say hello to the increased web traffic.

  1. Good Written Reviews

According to the advertising survey of ‘Nielson’s Global Trust’, more than 70% of respondents will trust the opinions of a consumer.

Ideally speaking, digital marketing companies recommend that a review should be naturally written, decisive in nature and should eliminate any potential doubts the customer may develop when he/she looks at the product.

Quoting the example of Amazon, to increase more credibility to your website, you can put the options like “Top Reviewer”, “Top Contributor” and Most Helpful Customer Reviews”

  1. Using Improved Sign Up Forms

Templates of thousands of pre-built sign-up forms are available on the internet. The good thing about them: “They are being used by everybody” The bad thing about them “They are being used by everybody”

To make your website excel from others, design your own sign-up forms. Make them a little different from the ones already available so that people could see it as a trademark of its own.

If your form is appealing in nature, you’ll experience an influx of web traffic.

NOTE: Before designing a sign-up form, it is important to know about color combinations and sign up forms of top websites.

  1. Loading Speed of Your Website

Digital marketing companies suggest that the speed it takes to load your website is one of the key factors in determining your website audience. Many websites have the tendency of loading high-quality videos and images along with external plug-ins which heavily influence the loading speed of a website.

According to the report from Akamai, Website developers do not realize that 47% people expect pages to load within 2 seconds while another 47% of visitors will abandon the website i.e. if it doesn’t load within a time slot of 3 seconds.

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